Monday, 7 January 2013

The Pallasseum

David Molander sent me some great images of the Pallasseum housing development in Berlin. The artist Daniel Knipping came up with the idea to display images personal to the inhabitants on these ubiquitous objects. The images are printed onto canvas stretched across the dishes. For more info see

And if that was not intriguing enough, part of the development is built across 2nd world war bunkers, which were too heavy to be moved. 

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  1. Great pictures. I did a bit of wandering around Berlin when we stayed at the Circus in Mitte, Berlin. It didn't take long to find some fairly ominous housing estates. It's probably changed since I was there but it would be great to know that behind the facade was a lively artistic scene.

    It reminds me of a tour around Nowa Huta ( which was a purpose built estate around the steel works. Apart from the wonderful pristine 50s cafe there were loads of theatre and other arts going on which belied the slightly austere facade. It was a bit disappointing to see that they'd named the central square Ronald Reagan Place and the Trabant we were supposed to tour in turned out to be a Datsun Cherry but we enjoyed discussing the festival scene.